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Trail Knowledge: Making the World a Better Place, One Trip at a Time” Q&A with Pegi Vail and Costas Christ, Virtuoso Life Magazine
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Gringo Trails and director interview featured in Globo (Brazil) article by Flávia Mantovani
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Jan 18, 2014: Gringo Trails director live, 1st hour, on Rudy Maxa’s World nationally syndicated radio show, podcast available here
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Gringo Trails in Sunday Essentials article, A Wake Up Call on How to Travel Better by Michael Soncina
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Planet in Focus Film Review: Gringo Trails, by Francis Mckay in Cinema Axis
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Blog post by Deborah Dunn at Conde Nast Traveler “Film Festival Shows the Good, The Bad, and the Strange of Tourism”
Gadling (AOL) article by Pam Mandel “Gringo Trails: What Are Travelers Doing to the Places They Visit?”
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GRINGO TRAILS Director Pegi Vail is the September featured profile on Rolf Potts’ Travel Writers series, discussing GRINGO TRAILS, traveling, and filmmaking.

Quotes about the film:

“Anthropologist Pegi Vail uses her academic background to excellent effect in her feature-film debut” —Hollywood Reporter

Gringo Trails depicts in sometimes shocking images, the bad, the ugly and yes, the good sides of tourism,  sparking much needed discussions about what it means to be a traveler” —National Geographic Traveler

“what tourists can and should do better” —Der Spiegel

“Beautifully edited; restrained… an undeniably powerful indictment.”Slant Magazine

“A gorgeously crafted piece of documentary filmmaking.”CriterionCast

“a film more than a decade in the making by American anthropologist Pegi Vail, looks at the effect of the unplanned or mismanaged growth of the tourism industry in developing countries.” —CNN International

“…absorbing look at how tourism has altered the ecology, geography and culture of some of the world’s most beautiful and remote areas…the cleverly edited and beautifully shot film ends on a hopeful note with the emergence of sustainable models.” —NOW Toronto

“Whether you’re an armchair traveler or you’re working through a bucket list of exotic destinations, it’s an important and moving film.” —Outside Magazine

“a fascinating and beautifully shot documentary called Gringo Trails about what happens to those faraway beaches, jungles, cultures after the crush of tourists arrive. It’s playing at the American Natural History Museum on Saturday, October 19, and should be required viewing for all thoughtful travelers.” —Conde Nast Traveler

“a thought-provoking documentary…that largely de-romanticizes a travel subculture that thrives on romanticized self-perception…but it’s not an anti-backpacker film. In fact, it ends on a hopeful, prescriptive note” —Travel Weekly

“It’s a compelling but tragic story: how all over the world we’re destroying the places we love by the very plentitude of our love, how pristine beaches and verdant rain forests and even remote deserts are being overwhelmed by great swarms of backpacking tourists. Pegi Vail is a genius at coaxing out all the small stories that add up at last to her terrible heartbreaking vision: the plague of too much us.” —George Green, writer/founder,  The Moth

“If you love to travel, and want to do it responsibly, see this wonderfully nuanced, funny film that shows the joy and horror of travel, and gives you a visa to some possible solutions.”  —Pamela Yates, documentary filmmaker